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The below table shares some of the achievements of the Sudbury Cycle Club. Note that the list is non-exhaustive and does not include results for local races. If any information is missing, please email the club to have the information added.

1974Ontario Summer GamesE. Fantasia1st
1975Ontario Summer GamesG. Trevisiol1st
1976Ontario Summer GamesC. Berardi1st
1976Provincial Junior ChampionshipsG. Trevisiol1st
1976National Junior ChampionshipsG. Trevisiol1st
1977Ontario Summer GamesR. Stoner1st
1977World Junior Championships (Vienna)G. Trevisiol30th
1977Provincial Junior ChampionshipsC. Venier1st
1977Canada Summer Games  T.T.T.    G. Trevisiol P. Girolametto C. Venier     C. Venier1st
1977Canada Summer Games (Road Race)G. Trevisiol1st
1978National Junior ChampionshipsC. Berardi1st
1979Pan-Am Games (Team Member)G. Trevisiol1st
1979National Criterium ChampionshipsG. Trevisiol1st
1979World Amateur ChampionshipsG. Trevisiol6th
1980Provincial Senior ChampionshipsG. Trevisiol1st
1980Olympic Team Member  (Moscow)G. TrevisiolCancelled
1981World Amateur ChampionshipsG. TrevisiolLeft blank
1982World Amateur ChampionshipsG. Trevisiol7th
1982Tour of Summerville  (USA Record Time)G. Trevisiol1st
1982Commonwealth GamesG. Trevisiol4th
1983World Amateur ChampionshipsG. Trevisiol16th
1984Olympic Games (Los Angeles)G. Trevisiol16th
1985Provincial Senior ChampionshipsD. Spears1st
1985National Junior ChampionshipsA. Caloyannis3rd
1986Canada CupD. Spears5th
1986Tour of ManitobaD. Spears2nd
1987National Veteran ChampionshipsB. Narasnek3rd
1987Women Canada CupC. Judd10th
1987Provincial Senior ChampionshipsR. Seaman1st
1987National Criterium ChampionshipsD. Spears3rd
1987World Amateur Championships (Austria)D. Spears33rd
1987Stage Race G. C. (Austria)D. Spears3rd
1987Stage Race T.T. (France)D. Spears2nd
1987Olympic Trial (Vancouver)D. Spears1st
1988Olympic Medal Award (Science North Sudbury) Contribution to Amateur SportsB. Muredda 
1988Road Race Sen. 1 and Pro. (Toronto)D. Spears1st
1988Tour de Moore (North Carolina USA)D. Spears1st
1988Tour of York Region (First Canadian)D. Spears1st
19882nd Stage of Niagara ClassicD. SpearsYellow Jersey
1988National Criterium ChampionshipsD. Spears2nd
1988Olympic Games T. T. T.D. Spears13th
1988“Most Improved Rider” Award (Ontario Cycling Association)A. LeonToronto
1988“Coach of the Year” Award (Ontario Cycling Association)B. MureddaToronto
1989Provincial Veteran ChampionshipsB. Narasnek1st
1989Provincial Women ChampionshipsC. Judd2nd
1989Hull International Festival (Criterium) 1st CanadianE. Wohlberg*4th
1989National Road ChampionshipsD. Spears2nd
1989National Criterium ChampionshipsD. Spears1st
1990Commonwealth Games (New Zealand) (Team Time Trial)D. Spears2nd
1990Commonwealth Games (New Zealand) (Road Race 180 km.)D. Spears4th
1990Inducted in the “Sudbury Sport Hall of Fame”B. Muredda 
1991Trans-Canada Cycling Record 13 Days 9 Hrs. 6 Min. 10 Sec.B. NarasnekRecord Holder
2000Northern Life Coach of the YearB. Muredda 
200125 Years (Ontario Volunteer Service Award) Ontario GovernmentE. Girolametto 
200125 Years (Ontario Volunteer Service Award) Ontario GovernmentB. Muredda 
2000Provincial Road Race Champioships Master A DivisionAdrian Gedye1st
1999Welland Cycling Criterium (Junior)Peter Sanowar1st
1999Prov Crit Championships (Junior)Peter Sanowar1st
1992OCA Best Organized Road Race of the YearSudbury Cycling Club 
1999Canadian National Junior Cyclocross ChampionshipsPeter Sanowar1st
1999Ontario Provincial Junior Cyclocross ChampionshipsPeter Sanowar1st
1999Ontario Provincial Junior Criterium Championships (Sudbury)Peter Sanowar1st
1999Ontario Provincial Junior Road Race Championships          Peter Sanowar1st
2001Canadian National Espoir Road Race ChampionshipsPeter Sanowar2nd
2002Ontario Provincial Espoirs Road Race ChampionshipsPeter Sanowar1st
2003Grand Prix Cycliste des Laurentides (Senior)Peter Sanowar2nd
2003Ontario Provincial Espoirs Criterium Championships (Senior)Peter Sanowar2nd
2003Rapid City Niagra Classic Stage Race (Senior)Peter Sanowar1st
2004Lift Lock Criterium (Senior)Peter Sanowar1st
1999Ontario Provincial Master B Criterium Championships (Sudbury)Frank Battaion2nd
1999Ontario Provincial Junior Criterium Championships (Sudbury)Joel Zylberberg3rd
1990The Ontario Provincial Team Time Trial Championships (Sen 3)  Pat Laberge, Phil Unck, Jamie McEwen & Derek D’Angelo3rd
1991Caruso Festival Criterium (Senior 2)Derek D’Angelo1st
1990Markham City Criterium (Senior 3)Derek D’Angelo1st