Q: What is Delki Dozzi Cycling Track?

A: Delki Dozzi Cycling Track, “The Home of Sudbury Cycling Club”, is an outdoor, 1-km paved track for cycling training, located in City of Greater Sudbury’s Delki Dozzi Sports Complex . It is a road course featuring a variety of bends, straightaways and elevation changes. The track is reserved for cycling training,  exclusively for Sudbury Cycling Club, for four hours per week from April through September. 

Q: Does Sudbury Cycling Club organize club rides on the road?

A: Sudbury Cycling Club conducts group road rides on weekends. There are approximately 6 rides scheduled for the 2018 season. Check the site for details and dates.



Q: Can Sudbury Cycling Club offer information on cycling routes in the Sudbury region?

A: Sudbury Cycling Club does not offer information on cycling routes.

Q: Does Sudbury Cycling Club support members who are not interested in racing?

A: Most of Sudbury Cycling Club members enjoy the recreational and fitness benefits of cycling, as well as the camaraderie of friendships rather than the pursuit of racing.


Q: Will I be able to keep up with the group?

A: All levels of riders are supported. Members train within the group of their personal speed level.