Sudbury Cycling Club members often embark on longer rides, to put skills to the test or to just have a long, fun day on the bike. Some of our favorites are mapped below:

Note: all information is presented for information only and as a general guideline; follow routes at your own risk. Sudbury Cycle Club only performs rides with registered members and a trained and designated ride leader.

Verner to Noelville & Back

This scenic out-and-back style route takes you 100 km over gentle rolling hills through classic Northern Ontario farmland; along the way, you’ll pass through small towns where rest stops can be made. This route starts in Verner with parking available at the public library, and follows Highway 64 south to Noelville, where a rest stop can be taken before heading back.

Espanola to Little Current & Back

This is another out-and-back style route which takes you 100 km thorough breathtaking Northern Ontario. Starting in Espanola, the route generally descends through to Little Current on Manitoulin Island; The route turns around in Little Current and features good climbing on the way back upo.

Killarney Scramble

This route takes you approximately 135 km over rolling hills from the edge of Highway 69, to the quaint and beautiful coastal town on Killarney. In Killarney, a rest stop can be made where cyclists will commonly order the world-famous fish and chips from Herbet Fisheries. This route is not one to skip!